Doncaster Rovers – Just A Pub Team

‘To be born a Doncaster Rovers supporter is to win first prize in the lottery of life’

The last decade or so has seen Doncaster Rovers enjoy the most successful period in its entire history.  The Rovers of today bears hardly any resemblance to its less auspicious  and sometimes half arsed predecessor .  Trophies won, a successful visit to Wembley and a place in English footballs second tier all saw Doncaster Rovers crowned the countries over achievers.  Rovers fans have never had it so good and the ability to remember exactly where the club has come from has helped all along the way.
jptFor all its barren, trophy-less years, Doncaster Rovers’ former residence of Belle Vue was the place which captured my heart and allegiance from being a baby in the arms of my Dad in the early 80’s.

Football was a different entity even then, especially in the lower leagues.  Television coverage outside the old first division was basically nil, and so if you didn’t see the game with your own eyes, you didn’t see it.  There was many a pre match Saturday spent on the edge of my seat in the hope that either Saint, and or Greavesy would mention Doncaster Rovers, but they never did which only added to the excitement, one day…

This site is to help remember the days gone by, good and bad, from the grounds to the players, games to the goals.  To celebrate the spirit of the club, which will always live on, and mean the likes of Doncaster Rovers will always revel in having the tag of ‘just a pub team, having a laugh’.

The site is still very much in its infancy. I’ll be adding more pictures and content, sections and topics over the coming weeks…

If you would like to contact the website, e-mail: info@justapubteam.com

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