History and Statistics

Doncaster Rovers FC

Few clubs in the world can boast over 135 years of history, but Doncaster Rovers FC sit proudly amongst the elite in that regard.

just a pub team Doncaster Rovers
Such a long time brings reams of records, ‘best’, ‘worst’, ‘who’ and ‘how many’.  Some decades old, some recent, and many which are long forgotten but never to be bettered.

One of the oldest Football League clubs in the country, Doncaster Rovers FC have not always enjoyed the kind of successes the club of today has enjoyed. Nevertheless there have been a number of notable achievements and records, made by the club and its players and managers which deserve to be celebrated.

In addition the club has made moves of the pitch, with the relatively recent move to the Keepmoat Stadium, the most recent home of the club.  Those previous grounds where hero’s past played their trade are also, rightly remembered here.

Choose from the list below for the full details of each facet of the clubs history.  Each area is full of names, places and events which are etched into the history of Doncaster Rovers football club.



Record Goal Scorers

Manager History

The Grounds

‘To be born a Doncaster Rovers supporter is to win first prize in the lottery of life’

This Doncaster Rovers FC site is still very much in its infancy. I’ll be adding more pictures and content, sections and topics over the coming weeks.  If you have any suggestions on items or features you would like to see please drop me an email or leave a comment.  

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