Rovers Book – Doncaster Rovers: Their greatest team

The complete story of the 1965-66 season – Doncaster Rovers Book

Finding my way as a Rovers fan in the 80’s and 90’s I was bombarded with tales of the Rovers glorious past.  Stories of ‘The King’ Click Jeffrey, the deadly finishing of Laurie Sheffield, the guile of Bobby Gilfillan, the legend of Tony Coleman and the gentleman that was John Nicholson. 

I grew up with talk of these names swirling round regularly, setting a benchmark that any who came afterwards would seldom get close to.  As a result that side from 1966, itself a period which conjures majesty in any English football fan, has always been etched in gold and surrounded by a kind of mythical grandeur.  I think if time machines were invented tomorrow my first journey would be to Belle Vue in the middle of the 60’s to see those figures for real, to see some of the clubs finest ever exponents near the peak of their powers, and to have the chance to get to know the team and to get to know the players.  Sadly, faced with the unlikely prospect of such an opportunity I resorted to reading about those games and researching those players and I feel as though I have got to know them and their story, and as a result, you can get to know them too or get reacquainted with some of Rovers greatest ever players.

The story of that year and of those players is a rollercoaster of drama and comedy, and some pretty good football in-between.

Click on the link below to buy a copy of the book from Amazon.  A must for all Rovers fans, young or old. 

Doncaster Rovers: Their Greatest Team: The complete story of the 1965-66 season


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