Retro Rovers – Crewe v Doncaster Rovers Video 1991

Doncaster Rovers Video : I stumbled across this the other day.  Dodgy VHS footage of the Rumbelows Cup 1st Round, 1st Leg between Crewe Alexandra and Doncaster Rovers from 20th August 1991.

We get hammered by a very good Crewe Alexandra side in truth, however the video features some memories, not related to the final score, which make it easier to watch.  The green away kit, Sammy in goal, Ranks and Noteman on either flank, Bruno Jones in one of his last outings – oddly enough at centre back, John Muir up front, Billy Whitehurst (scorer of 2 great headers) picking up a yellow which the ref takes an age to pluck up the courage to dispense and a familiarly anonymous outing for Tommy (his legs had well gone) Tynan.

I had to edit it together recording it onto my phone so its even more wobbly / blurred than normal with odd audio but its worth a look.

For the record, the teams (played in front of 2900);

Crewe: 1.Greygoose 2.Wilson 3.Carr 4.Jones 5.Callaghan 6.Walters 7.Hignett (Murphy) 8.Naylor (Garvey) 9.Futcher 10.Gardiner 11.Edwards

Doncaster Rovers: 1.Samways 2.Rankine 3.Noteman 4.Cullen 5.Jones 6.Boyle 7.Reddish 8.Muir 9.Tynan (Rowe) 10. Whitehurst 11.Bennett.

Doncaster Rovers Video

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