Doncaster Rovers Record away run

When the season started last August, it brought with it a number of hopes and expectations. After last seasons travails most of them were realistic and modest. After a season tucked away and gratefully once and for all put to bed that had seen Doncaster Rovers lose 15 of the 23 away games during the year, none of the new targets included a record breaking away run, however the excellent 2-1 win at Stevenage last week signalled just that.

The previous seasons best for avoiding defeat away from home came in the 1946/47 season and saw the side avoid defeat in an 11 game sequence from the start of the season until mid January when they slipped to an unexpected defeat at struggling Halifax.

The win at Stevenage signalled the 12th game in such a sequence this term and has now become the clubs best run away from the comforts of South Yorkshire for over 60 years.
1946/47 may now have been written out of this particular record book, but there were plenty more on offer that year.

The first season following the war year years saw Rovers charge towards the Division 3 title right from the first game, winning 11 of the first 12 league matches with goals in plentiful supply.
The side clearly picked up the habit of winning early on and it was a familiar feeling throughout the whole season with a spectacular run of 10 wins in a row (including a 8-2 win at home to Carlisle and a 8-0 home victory over Barrow) from January to April 1947 putting them comfortably in the driving seat in the race for the title, which was won well before the team were presented the shield at half time in the final match of the season.

It was an incredible season for the club which saw a number of records broken along the way including the most wins in a season (33), most away wins in a season (18), most consecutive away wins (7), most points in a season (72 – 2 points for a win), and the record for fewest defeats in a season was also equalled (just 3).
Maddison and McFarlane were ever present during the season and the legendary Clarrie Jordan topped the scoring charts with a club record 42 goals in 41 league games and 44 goals in all competitions.

Let’s hope the record breaking feats of 2013 are ultimately indicative of a season which bears some comparison with those of 1947, when Doncaster Rovers enjoyed the most successful season ever, and claimed the league title.

Division 3 North 1946-47

Played 42 Won 33 Drew 6 Lost 3 Gls F 123 Gls A 38 Pts 72

Played 21 Won 15 Drew 5 Lost 1 Gls F 67 Gls A 14 Pts 35

Played 21 Won 18 Drew 1 Lost 2 Gls F 56 Gls A 22 Pts 37

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