Ian Milller

Joined from the Rovers from Forest and was to prove a key figure in the Rovers midfield.  Born in Perth, Scotland, in May 1955 “Windy” started his football career as an apprentice at Bury in August 1973 making his league debut during the 73/74 season he started just 9 times for the shakers before his potential was spotted by Nottingham Forest and he was taken to the City ground.  He spent a year a Forest and despite not playing for the first team his time by the Trent was certainly not wasted as his time under Brian Clough undoubtedly made him a better footballer and he joined Doncaster in the summer of 1975.  That first year he quickly became an integral part of a pacey, exciting Rovers side that scored its highest number of goals for ten years, Miller supplied the ammunition that O’Callaghan and Kitchen fired on their way to 22 league goals apiece, and he helped himself to nine all of his own on his way to piping both players to the supporters Player of the Year, an honour he went on to win again the following year, no mean feat amongst such distinguished company.

Miller went on to join Swindon in 1978 as the team broke up before going to enjoy a successful spell in the second division with Blackburn Rovers making 252 league appearances for the side in the second tier of English football before ending his career following spells and Port Vale and Scunthorpe.

A lightening quick winger, he was a tricky dribbler and great crosser of the ball he was a third a of Rovers “holy trinity” with the enduring thought of the era being that Miller would beat ‘em down the wing, cross to O’Callaghan to beat ‘em in the air, for Kitchen to turn on a six pence and score during a time when the side regularly played fast attacking football to the enjoyment of the crowd, and using with great effect.

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