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Doncaster Rovers 1990-91 season review video

90’s Football is fashionable, its official.  There is a wealth of Podcasts, books and websites celebrating the glorious decade when football came home, Football meant glamour, and the Premier League showed us the game wasn’t ours but it was a product that we should pay through the nose for and then have it rammed down our throats.  90’s Football is everywhere at the minute.  Brilliant.

Only I’m a Doncaster Rovers fan and the 90’s were, well, often a bit crap.  More than that though, hardly anyone else was bothered what was happening in the Fourth Division so video clips and nostalgia are a bit thin on the ground.

Fear not, I’m going to trek through the decades to bring it all flooding back and I’ve even been wasting more time on iMovie making childish videos to truly bring those heady days back to life.  A new one every week or so, starting with 1990-91: (video at the bottom)

Doncaster Rovers 1990-91.

There was some unusual optimism around for the start of the 1990-91 season. Italia 90 had captured the imagination of the whole country and while the Rovers previous season had been well, largely crap, there were signs that this year might be different. Inconsistency had been a key failing as Rovers finished 5th from bottom in 89-90 but the run in the Leyland DAF trophy, which had taken us to within 90 minutes of Wembley, had shown there was some quality in the side. New additions Andy Holmes, Brendan Ormsby, Paul Crichton and highly rated young midfielder Eddie Gormley were brought into Billy Bremner’s squad to complement some talented youngsters like Samways, Rankine, Brevett and Noteman. There was already a promising partnership forming between strikers David ‘Bruno’ Jones and John Muir, who had combined to good effect during the latter half of the previous campaign and the feeling was, that if we were lucky with injuries, then who knows?
Things started better than anyone could’ve wished for as Rovers won their first 5 league games, with Jones and Muir scoring 8 goals between them. Inevitably though, the clubs fragile luck faltered, and in the 5th game of that run, striker David Jones suffered a serious neck injury which forced him into DRI and Rovers good form with him. The next 4 games were all lost before inconsistency reigned once more but by mid January, after an excellent 4-0 win at home to Carlisle, Rovers were third and just 1 point behind the leaders. Gormley was excellent in Midfield, Jack Ashurst had come back in and steadied the defence and Lee Turnbull and Neil Grayson had scored important goals.
Once again though, it didn’t last. Financial pressures off the field (a massive unpaid tax bill to be precise) saw the clubs prize asset Rufus Brevett sold to QPR for a club record fee of £275,000. Rankine picked up an injury and Jones never regained fitness.
After Brevett’s exit Rovers won only 4 of the last 18 games and despite staying in the play off race right into April ended up 11th. The defence coped well with Ashurst and Ormsby at its heart, but at the other end the goals had dried up at a crucial time and key injuries had taken their toll. The squad was just too light and the budget did not allow any reinforcements to push them over the line.

In the scheme of things, and compared to the dross the Rovers faithful had been subjected to in recent years, it had been a decent, if frustrating season. Rovers had been close to getting it right, but a requirement to pay the bills had seen them fall short.

John Muir top scored with 13 league goals, Kevin Noteman, who played the last dozen or so games at left back was next with 7 (illustrating where the problems had been), whilst Colin Douglas played all 46 league games, presumably some of them sober.






Retro Rovers – Crewe v Doncaster Rovers Video 1991

crewe v doncaster roversDoncaster Rovers Video : I stumbled across this the other day.  Dodgy VHS footage of the Rumbelows Cup 1st Round, 1st Leg between Crewe Alexandra and Doncaster Rovers from 20th August 1991.

We get hammered by a very good Crewe Alexandra side in truth, however the video features some memories, not related to the final score, which make it easier to watch.  The green away kit, Sammy in goal, Ranks and Noteman on either flank, Bruno Jones in one of his last outings – oddly enough at centre back, John Muir up front, Billy Whitehurst (scorer of 2 great headers) picking up a yellow which the ref takes an age to pluck up the courage to dispense and a familiarly anonymous outing for Tommy (his legs had well gone) Tynan.

I had to edit it together recording it onto my phone so its even more wobbly / blurred than normal with odd audio but its worth a look.

For the record, the teams (played in front of 2900);

Crewe: 1.Greygoose 2.Wilson 3.Carr 4.Jones 5.Callaghan 6.Walters 7.Hignett (Murphy) 8.Naylor (Garvey) 9.Futcher 10.Gardiner 11.Edwards

Doncaster Rovers: 1.Samways 2.Rankine 3.Noteman 4.Cullen 5.Jones 6.Boyle 7.Reddish 8.Muir 9.Tynan (Rowe) 10. Whitehurst 11.Bennett.

Doncaster Rovers Video