Retro Rovers Video – Doncaster Rovers v Carlisle Jan 1991

Before I start, I have spent ages trawling through t’web and old VHS tapes and turned up loads of great Rovers vids.  It’s my plan to publish one on here every week, so keep an eye out or subscribe to the site to see when a new one goes up.

I spent agerovers-v-carlisle-1991s trying to find this.  I remember this game very well as it was one of the rare occassions that we featured on YTV’s ‘Goals on Sunday’ and, even more rare, we won 4-0.  I reckon I have it taped on Beta Max somewhere in a corner of my parents loft but had resigned myself to never seeing it again… Until i stumbled across the game on youtube.  No comms so we have to do without John Helm, but nevertheless it is glorious.  Goals from Eddie Gormley (the last one is great), Grant Morrow and probably the best of the lot from Rufus Brevett.  Loads of Rovers legends from Duggie to Ashurst, Ranks to Rufus and Sammy to Turny… Enjoy.

Rovers that day lined up :  1. Samways, 2. Rankine, 3. Brevett, 4. Ashurst, 5.Ormsby, 6.Douglas, 7.Turnbull, 8.Gormley, 9. Harle, 10. Morrow, 11. Noteman.  Subs: 12, Grayson, 14. Adams.

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