RetroRovers A3 Poster / Print


Doncaster Rovers Poster Print.  Doncaster shirt from 1992 – 1994 printed on 250gsm silk paper in A3 size.  FREE POSTAGE

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Remember the good old days, when Rovers were crap and the shirt was well… Brilliantly niche?  Relive those Halcyon days with a fantastic A3 Poster / Print to remind us of those good old days with Mike Jeffrey, Kevin Hulme, Lee Thew and Chris Swailes.  Essential for the office wall, work area or to convince the kids that ‘that was a proper shirt’.

250gsm silk paper, gloss finish A3 size. Print only, not framed.

Buy Doncaster Rovers Poster Print. Doncaster Rovers shirt 1992 to 1994

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