Doncaster Rovers Retro Shirts and Memory lane

Doncaster Rovers Retro Shirts and Memory lane

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Over the past few years the world of ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ (or in the words of my wife  ‘Scruffy and old’) Rovers shirts has been one which I have become increasingly immersed in.
The hours I have spent wading through eBay online number far too many for me to justify.  I suppose part of it relates to an association of a time of my life when things were easier or more simple.  I had those shirts myself and wore them proudly to school during a period of my life where there was no work stresses to cut short a nights sleep, no anxiety around money or whether the kids were safe.  The only concern I had then was whether it was chips for tea and if there were any Kit Kats; life was safe and easy and so a glimpse back into that time is always welcome.
More than that though, it’s something about my relationship with football and with our club and on such trips down memory lane, I am always struck by just how much we forget. Memories which are always present, fondly cradled and held dear are sometimes unknowingly smudged around the edges just enough so that the fact remains but the feeling is forgotten. Fortunately, usually not much is required to put sound to the picture or warmth to the fire.
When I stare at those shirts somehow I am almost bowled over by the surprises, and the details that I previously couldn’t see despite their being in the front of my mind’s eye.
For a spell I was back on the Railway sleeper which was once home in Belle Vue’s Mainstand, the feeling of climbing up its bouncy, creaking wooden steps and out onto the stand to catch that first glimpse of the always immaculate greenery, before taking my seat, like three generations of my family had done previously. All feelings that raced into my head, with a million more of thrilling victories and glorious defeat. .  The ‘jagged hoops’ of the early 1990’s took me back to Mike Jeffrey’s virtuoso second half display at home to Bury where we still managed to lose 3-2 and the remarkable 4-3 win later that year at home to Scarborough (Trust me, Steve Prindiville’s free kick that day was the finest you will ever see) and the hours drift by as the memories flood through.

The facts were always present, but the feelings had been forgotten and these little pieces of history are the time capsules which for me, prove to be the catalyst for reliving times gone by and I would urge everyone who has a piece of yesterday, be it a shirt or a programme, scarf or ticket stub , to take a visit down memory lane, to find that little something, nudge or prompt that kicks the feelings back into the memories and enables you, just as I did, to remember.  Petrol was cheap, footballers were normal blokes, and footy shirts were proper . Enjoy it for a couple of minutes then get on with things, todays not bad either – We’re top of the league after all.

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