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Doncaster Rovers Football Club -Greatest Games.

Doncaster Rovers football club greatest games – What makes a game great?  Are there rules to be followed? Does it need a host of goals? Should it win a trophy? Should be end to end, played at a breathless pace?

I have come to find the answer is yes, sometimes, but not always.
IMG_1413For all its barren, trophy-less years, Doncaster’s former residence of Belle Vue was the place which captured my heart and allegiance.  The first game I ever went to was at Belle Vue one Saturday afternoon in the early 80’s.  My Dad had to either take me to the game with him or stay at home and obviously he made the only reasonable choice.  I fell asleep at half time, I don’t remember who was playing, I don’t remember what the score was, but I do remember.

There have been a number of cold, desperate and ultimately forgettable performances in the history of Doncaster Rovers football club, many of which are best long forgotten, but while each has a place in the clubs history, it is best they are left as just that.

However, there are also, by contrast, the odd game which was different. Every now and then a Rovers game comes along which reminds us all why we love the game of Football. The kind of game which grabs you round the throat from the first whistle and only lets go to briefly slap you round the face and drag you to the tip of your seat.
They come out of the blue and turn a nothing game into the game of the season, they come out of the big games that somehow live up to the hype, and they come along even when you’re not looking for them.

This section will hopefully bring some such occasions in the history of the Rovers back to life, or at least jog the memory and help remind you of a day everything came right. And some of them we even won too!  Doncaster Rovers football club greatest games :

Doncaster Rovers 6 – 3 Darlington 29th September 1964

Doncaster Rovers 1 – 0 Leeds Utd 25th May 2012

Doncaster Rovers 3 – 2 Dagenham May 2003

Doncaster Rovers 3 – 2 Bristol Rovers 1st April 2007

Doncaster Rovers 4 – 3 Manchester City 7th October 1950

Doncaster Rovers 5 – 4 Dover Ath 19thDecember 1998

Doncaster Rovers 2 – 0 Wigan 28th February 1997

Doncaster Rovers 4 – 3 Mansfield 22nd February 1975

Doncaster Rovers 5 – 0 Scunthorpe 16th February 1980

Doncaster Rovers 5 – 2 Southport 27th September 1975

Doncaster Rovers football club – greatest games

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