Doncaster Rovers Documentary “They think it’s all Rovers”

IMG_2672Doncaster Rovers Documentary.
 The fascinating, painful and cringeworthy glimpse into the world of Doncaster Rovers during the 1997-98 season.  This period has been well documented and led to the clubs fall into the Conference and almost into extinction.

Look out for some spectacular match action as well as Danny Bergara’s spine tingling quotations from Winston Churchill (not sure he nailed it word for word, but judge for yourself) a vast array of dodgy looking blokes and Prince Moncrieffe’s collection of baseball hats and sunglasses.  Enjoy.

*Due to some issues with my web host I’m having trouble hosting the video on this site.  Fortunately some kind person has posted it on YouTube here –            They think it’s all Rovers (1998)

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