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abdul razak 2Doncaster Rovers blogs – Abdul Razak.  Don’t know very much about Doncaster Rovers new signing Abdul Razak?  Well, you’re not on your own.  I’ve done some research and trawled through google to see what i could find on the Rovers newest recruit.  Read more on Doncaster Rovers Abdul Razak…

doncaster roversValue for money anyone?  I tried to tweet a couple of times on Saturday.  Doncaster Rovers v MK Dons was the kind of game which afforded one time to do things like tweet.  I failed due to the now familiar but largely irrelevant lack of phone signal at the Keepmoat.  Following the game, when normal service was resumed, I.. Read more on Value for money anyone?…..

IMG_1415George Raynor – Rovers greatest there never was?
In the summer of 1967, the Rovers installed former Coventry City boss George Raynor as manager. Raynor lasted little over a year as his team, which though never short of goals, struggled for wins away from Belle Vue and never achieved their potential. His swift departure meant Raynor was consigned to history as just another name on a long list of other Doncaster Rovers managers who fell short at the club. However the story of his career and his journey prior to his return South Yorkshire is nothing short of remarkable.. Read more George Raynor – Rovers greatest there never was?

Paul Dickov drfcIs Paul Dickov Really the man to lead a Rovers return?
I was sitting bored, like many before me, a number of hours into an aeroplane journey. I’d read a newspaper, watched a couple of movies and listened to some music, but now I was bored. Bored of doing nothing. We’d hit a little turbulence so the familiar seatbelt signs were in operation and even a trip to the toilet was off the table….
Read more on is Paul Dickov really the man to lead a rovers return

doncaster rovers wembleyDoncaster Rovers blogs – play offs at Wembley? No thanks

The best things come to those who wait they say. There’s a lot of convenient little sayings like that, some which are true in all walks of life and some which have become simple soundbites.
However when something has been over 100 year in the making, this particular snippet seems more than apt.Read more on Doncaster Rovers Play offs

doncaster roversCan the class of 2013 measure up to the highs of 1946/47? When the season started last August, it brought with it a number of hopes and expectations. After last seasons travails most of them were realistic and modest. After a season tucked away and gratefully once and for all put to bed that had seen… Read more on Doncaster Rovers Record away Run..

Doncaster Rovers belle vue 2A Beautiful View. I was struck last week, by just how much we forget. Memories which are always present, fondly cradled and held dear are sometimes unknowingly smudged around the edges just enough so that the fact remains but the feeling is forgotten. Fortunately, usually not much is required to put sound to the picture or warmth to… Read More…..

doncaster roversNew Look or not, Rovers might never have abetter chance.
League One eh? It looks the same, feels the same, but the truth is, it isn’t. The last time we were here League One was littered with fallen giants, massive budgets and decent football. Look around now, the names of recent years, Nottingham… Read More…..