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Doncaster Rovers video – Rovers v Kingstonian Conference Cup final 2000

Doncaster Rovers Video

Some cup finals, regardless of the level of the competition are glorious events, full of fast end to end football and punctuated with fabulous goals.  The Macmillian cup final of 2000 was… well, not one of these.

I remember it well, and following the success of the previous year (the fabulous 3-0 win over Farnborough which I will feature over the next few weeks too) this game was much anticipated but in truth it wasn’t a good game and the two goals which won the day were two of the most scrappy goals you will ever see.  Jason Minett’s opener looks like it was scored by mistake with Dave Penney’s prod from a yard out spectacular by comparison.

Regardless, we won and got a trophy at the end of it.  Lots of familiar and forgotten names including Dino Maamria, Neil ‘Goals’ Campbell and most unusually – footage of Andy Warrington looking like a relatively young man.

Rovers; 1.Warrington  2.Marples  3.Shaw  4.Foster  5.Walling  6.Barnard  7.Watson  8.Penney  9.Campbell  10.Maamria  11.McIntyre.  12.Minett 16.Duerden

Doncaster Rovers video – Rovers v Kingstonian Conference Cup final 2000 :

Retro Rovers Video – Rovers v Bristol City 1983

Found this video from the 1983-84 promotion season. We finished runners up to York City that year in Division 4 and this was an excellent win against a useful Bristol City team.

Terrific strike from Andy Kowalski and a goal from David Harle, which he follows up with a bizarre but terrific ‘running on broken glass’ celebration.  Good to see Ernie Moss in action also, running clear before being dragged down by the keeper.  Moss got 17 goals that year and was joint top scorer with Duggie, but was robbed of one here.

Rovers:  1.Boyd  2.Russell  3.Harle  4.I Snodin  5.Lister  6.Humphries  7.Miller  8.Moss  9.Douglas  10.Kowalski  11.G Snodin.

Retro Rovers Video – Hartlepool v Doncaster Rovers Feb 20th 1996

hartlepool-v-doncaster-rovers-1996This week takes us back to 1996 and Rovers are in the promotion hunt as the season nears its business end.  A bit of a wobble from the start of Feb sees Rovers likely to drop out of the race, though this crucial win at Hartlepool keeps us in contention…. for a while.  1 win from the next 12 means we missed out, as was usually the case during the 90’s.

Still worth a look as this clip provides a glimpse of Gary Brabin wading around midfield, Graeme Jones up front and a great ‘tackle’ from ‘keeper Perry Suckling.

The highlights revolve around Colin Cramb, with the scot rattling the woodwork before typically ‘winning’ the penalty, which he then converts, to win the game 1-0.  It is great to see Cramby in action again.

Rovers: 1, Suckling 2. Carmichael 3. Parrish 4. Moore 5. Colcombe 6. Warren     7. Schofield 8. Brabin 9. Jones 10. Cramb 11. Smith.

Retro Rovers Video – Sutton Coldfield v Doncaster Rovers 1980

Doncaster Rovers videoThis is a great Doncaster Rovers video all the way from Nov 1980 featuring Billy Bremner, immacualte tracksuits, a terrific green away kit (I miss a green away shirt) and a terrible pitch.  It is a proper FA Cup 1st round affair from the 80’s.

Rovers beat the non league side to go through to the second round and a 2-1 win at home to Blackpool before the run was ended in the 3rd round at Hull.  We got promotion from Division Four that year though, thanks to a very talented and youthful side.  Here is a glimpse of them from that year, Rovers goals coming from Dowd and Lally.

Line up:  1. Boyd, 2. Russell, 3. Lally, 4. Lister, 5. Harle, 6.Dowd, 7. Pugh, 8. Flanaghan, 9. Warboys, 10. I Snodin, 11.Little

Retro Rovers Video – Doncaster Rovers v Carlisle Jan 1991

Before I start, I have spent ages trawling through t’web and old VHS tapes and turned up loads of great Rovers vids.  It’s my plan to publish one on here every week, so keep an eye out or subscribe to the site to see when a new one goes up.

I spent agerovers-v-carlisle-1991s trying to find this.  I remember this game very well as it was one of the rare occassions that we featured on YTV’s ‘Goals on Sunday’ and, even more rare, we won 4-0.  I reckon I have it taped on Beta Max somewhere in a corner of my parents loft but had resigned myself to never seeing it again… Until i stumbled across the game on youtube.  No comms so we have to do without John Helm, but nevertheless it is glorious.  Goals from Eddie Gormley (the last one is great), Grant Morrow and probably the best of the lot from Rufus Brevett.  Loads of Rovers legends from Duggie to Ashurst, Ranks to Rufus and Sammy to Turny… Enjoy.

Rovers that day lined up :  1. Samways, 2. Rankine, 3. Brevett, 4. Ashurst, 5.Ormsby, 6.Douglas, 7.Turnbull, 8.Gormley, 9. Harle, 10. Morrow, 11. Noteman.  Subs: 12, Grayson, 14. Adams.

Retro Rovers Doncaster Rovers v Halifax Town FA Cup 1999 Match of the Day

Doncaster rovers v halifax townWith another FA cup journey about to begin this week, I dug out some old footage of one from the past.  I found our ‘Match of the Day’ debut from 1999 when the BBC cameras got us all excited by turning up to feature our first round tie with Halifax Town.
Watch out for a shocking miss from Mike Newell (that phrase became all too common), delightful views of a 5,000 strong Belle Vue crowd and a host of familiar players, including Jamie Paterson, Steve Gaughan and Lee Butler who were in the visitors side.
Just to make it more authentic, I used some really clever editing techniques to make the footage look and sound like it is on an old vhs tape being shown on an old telly…

Doncaster Rovers FA Cup 1st Round, 30th October 1999 vs Halifax Town.

Tom Keetley

One of twelve brothers, four of which played for the club during the 1920’s, Tom Keetley joined the Rovers from Bradford Park Avenue in 1923.  He went on to become one of the most significant He spent six seasons at Belle Vue and scored more than 20 goals every term,  and is Rovers all-time leading goal scorer with an incredible 180 goals.

During the 1926-27 season, Keetley bagged an amazing 36 league goals in 36 games, an incredible scoring record over the course of a season that never looked like being surpassed.  That was however until two years later when in 1929 Keetley finished top of the scoring charts with 40 league goals on just 32 matches, including an outstanding performance in a match at Ashington when he scored 6 of the Rovers goals in a 7-4 victory.

He was a legend whilst at Rovers, so it is understandable that consternation resounded around Belle Vue in October 1928 when he was placed on the transfer list at his own request, having had a disagreement with the board over the terms of his benefit.  Eventually however the dispute was resolved with the club guaranteeing a sum from a match to be played against Hearts.

Evidently however, the problems with the board was never totally resolved and the following summer Keetley declined to re-sign for the club, instead preferring to move back to Derbyshire to be closer to his business interests there.   The fee the club received from second division Notts County went towards offsetting the loss the club had accrued the following season, however the loss of Keetley’s goals would have left a bigger void in any team than the one on the balance sheet.

The goals continued to flow at his new club, where he still holds the club record for goals scored in a single season with 39 and he scored a total of 94 goals in 103 games for Notts County, and when his career ended in 1934 following a brief spell with Lincoln City he had made a total of 330 league appearances, with yielded a return of 284 goals.

Keetley was a goal scorer the likes of which are seldom seen, his record in a Rovers shirt (185 goals in 241 appearances in competitions for the club) is unparalleled, with the biggest surprise of all being that Rovers never achieved promotion during his time at the club, despite his goals.  Quite simply Tom Keetley was the clubs greatest ever goal scorer.