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Rovers Video – Goalscorers

Doncaster Rovers Video – Goals

Spent the afternoon learning how to use iMovie.  Instead of doing something useful I put together some clips of what you may consider some ‘Goalscorers’ of Rovers recent past, Cramb, Heffernan, Sharp, Hayter and Marquis….

I better go and do something productive now…

Doncaster Rovers video – Rovers v Kingstonian Conference Cup final 2000

Doncaster Rovers Video

Some cup finals, regardless of the level of the competition are glorious events, full of fast end to end football and punctuated with fabulous goals.  The Macmillian cup final of 2000 was… well, not one of these.

I remember it well, and following the success of the previous year (the fabulous 3-0 win over Farnborough which I will feature over the next few weeks too) this game was much anticipated but in truth it wasn’t a good game and the two goals which won the day were two of the most scrappy goals you will ever see.  Jason Minett’s opener looks like it was scored by mistake with Dave Penney’s prod from a yard out spectacular by comparison.

Regardless, we won and got a trophy at the end of it.  Lots of familiar and forgotten names including Dino Maamria, Neil ‘Goals’ Campbell and most unusually – footage of Andy Warrington looking like a relatively young man.

Rovers; 1.Warrington  2.Marples  3.Shaw  4.Foster  5.Walling  6.Barnard  7.Watson  8.Penney  9.Campbell  10.Maamria  11.McIntyre.  12.Minett 16.Duerden

Doncaster Rovers video – Rovers v Kingstonian Conference Cup final 2000 :