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Latest Doncaster Rovers Blogs, thoughts and opinions on all things Red and White from Just A Pub Team. Thoughts of present day conundrums and recollections of those halcyon days gone by. Follow the links below..

Darren Ferguson Leaves, did he bottle it?  The dust has settled a bit now on last week.  Darren Ferguson has gone and speculation as to who could be the next Doncaster Rovers manager is now in full swing.  However, once the dust settles it usually means a clearer vantage is available and I have become increasing frustrated as my view of the scots departure has sharpened… Read More…..

Doncaster Rovers 1990-91 Season Review. 90’s Football is fashionable, its official.  There is a wealth of Podcasts, books and websites celebrating the glorious decade when football came home, Football meant glamour, and the Premier League showed us the game wasn’t ours but it was a product that we should pay through the nose for and then have it rammed down our throats.  90’s Football is everywhere at the minute.  Brilliant.  Read More….

Doncaster Rovers defensive analysis 3Doncaster Rovers defensive analysis – Midfield shadow boxers. I’m a bit of a stats buff to be honest. I happily while away a few post match hours looking at graphs on possession and shots on goal and the newly fashionable ‘expected goals’ data brings plenty more colourful charts to the party.
This seasons surprisingly decent opening few results caught me a bit off guard but when I was watching and re watching our games highlights something about the goals we were conceding seemed to nag away at me. I decided to turn to some data and make some pretty diagrams of my own to try to make sense of it and illustrate those doubts accurately  Read  more…

John Marquis Doncaster roversWhy John Marquis should leave, and why Andy Williams is key if he stays.  There’s a large amount of speculation surrounding Rovers striker John Marquis at the minute, the sort of ‘will he wont he’, ‘we’re doomed without him’ woe that is more akin to some tedious Coronation street story line than the status quo at the Keepmoat.
Strip all the sentiment and speculation away and let’s try and look at this in real terms. Marquis scored 26 League Two goals last year, he’s 25 years old and attracted a lot of attention over the last 12 months.. Read More…

When did it become ok not to win?  I’m angry, well hurt really. People say “well promotion was the aim anyway, that’s what matters” and “you’d have taken promotion before the season” but that just makes me more angry. If the point is not coming first then what is it? Seriously… Read More….

Doncaster Rovers Shirt Gallery.  Over the past few years the world of ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ (or in the words of my wife  ‘Scruffy and old’) Rovers shirts has been one which I have become increasingly immersed in.  Turns out I have got quite a few now and so I thought I would stick them online in the hope that others may enjoy them..  Read More…

Doncaster Rovers best moustache 11Top Moustachioed 11 of all time.  At times I don’t think I’m all there really.  Whilst in front of the mirror mindlessly hacking away at my face recently I, for some still unknown reason, started to think about Rovers players from the past with memorable facial hair.  This slowly meandered into those with full beards, smaller beards and of course led to moustaches only.  Read More…..

Doncaster v wigan 1997 videoRetro Rovers Video – Rovers v Wigan Feb 1997.  This was a superb game, honestly it was.  I know on the face of it its a 2-0 win.  At home.  Against Wigan.  But honestly it was.  Perhaps some context would help..

It was during a period where Ken Richardson’s destructive hands were tightening around the throat…. Read more and see the video here..

Retro Shirts and Memory Lane.  Over the past few years the world of ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ (or in the words of my wife  ‘Scruffy and old’) Rovers shirts has been one which I have become increasingly immersed in.
The hours I have spent wading through eBay online number far too many for me to justify.  I suppose part of it relates to an association of a time of my life when things were easier or more simple. Read more….

Doncaster Rovers Video – Goalscorers. Spent the afternoon learning how to use iMovie.  Instead of doing something useful I put together some clips of what you may consider some ‘Goalscorers’ of Rovers recent past, Cramb, Heffernan, Sharp, Hayter and Marquis…. Read more…

Retro Rovers Video: Rovers v Kingstonian, 2000.  I remember it well, and following the success of the previous year (the fabulous 3-0 win over Farnborough which I will feature over the next few weeks too) this game was much anticipated but in truth it wasn’t a good game and the two goals which won the day… Read more….

Retro Rovers video:  Rovers v Bristol City 5th Nov 1983.  Found this video from the 1983-84 promotion season. We finished runners up to York City that year in Division 4 and this was an excellent win against a useful Bristol City team.  Terrific strike from Andy Kowalski and a goal from David Harle, which he follows up with a bizarre but terrific  Read more…

mickey norbury Doncaster Rovers pictureRovers Cult Hero’s : ‘Mental’ Mickey Norbury.  – Will always be considered something of a hero by Rovers fans after scoring a hat trick against Scunthorpe United at Glanford in the Rovers 5-0 demolition of their rivals (see the video of Norbury’s 2nd goal below).  Former jail bird, ‘Mental’ Mickey joined Rovers in 1994 having enjoyed a good record at Preston North End; however he suffered a broken  Read more..

hartlepool-v-doncaster-rovers-1996Retro Rovers Video: Hartlepool v Rovers Feb 1996.  This week takes us back to 1996 and Rovers are in the promotion hunt as the season nears its business end.  A bit of a wobble from the start of Feb sees Rovers likely to drop out of the race, though this crucial win at Hartlepool keeps us in contention…. for a while.  1 win from the next 12 means we missed out, as was usually the case during the 90’s. Read more…

laurie sheffieldRovers Greats: Laurie Sheffield.   Laurie Sheffield joined the Rovers in the summer of 1965 having already established himself as a goal scorer during a three year stay at Newport County where he had broken the post war goal scoring record, scoring 27 goals during the 1964/65 season and in total scored 46 in 91 appearances for County.  Read More…

Doncaster Rovers videoRetro Rovers video: Sutton Coldfield v Doncaster Rovers, Nov 1980.  This is a great Doncaster Rovers video all the way from Nov 1980 featuring Billy Bremner, immacualte tracksuits, a terrific green away kit (I miss a green away shirt) and a terrible pitch.  It is a proper FA Cup 1st round affair from the 80’s.  Rovers beat the non league side to go through to the second round and a 2-1 win at home to Blackpool before the run was ended in…  Read more…

Retrorovers-v-carlisle-1991 Rovers Video: Rovers v Carlisle Jan 1991.  I spent ages trying to find this.  I remember this game very well as it was one of the rare occassions that we featured on YTV’s ‘Goals on Sunday’ and, even more rare, we won 4-0.  I reckon I have it taped on Beta Max somewhere in a corner of my parents loft but had resigned myself to never seeing it again… Until i stumbled across the game on youtube.  No comms so we have to do without John Helm, but nevertheless it is glorious.  Goals from Eddie Gormley (the last one is great), Grant Morrow and probably the best of the lot from Rufus Brevett.  Loads of Rovers legends from… Read More….

IMG_2432Audio Feature: Greatest Rovers Moments.  I recently had the pleasure of attending the National Football Museum in Manchester. Whilst scouring for Rovers items of interest I chanced on the Museums audio feature and found worked my way through the Rovers section. Listening to the commentary sent me right back to some of the greatest moments of the recent past of Doncaster Rovers FC. The one from the League Cup tie against Villa in particular catapulted me straight back to the wooden seats of Belle Vue’s… Read More.. 

Doncaster RoversGreat Rovers Games – Doncaster Rovers v Bristol Rovers, JPT Final 2007.   April 1st 2007 saw the club play its first major cup final in its long history, and 18,000 Doncaster Rovers fans made the trip to Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium for the Football League Trophy final against Belle Vue.  Rovers were favourites going into the game, playing in the League above their opponents, but Bristol Rovers were going well in league two and had yet to concede a goal in the competition, had beaten some good sides to take their place in the final.  Read More..

Doncaster rovers v halifax townRetroRovers video – Doncaster Rovers v Halifax, FA Cup 1st Round 1999.  With another FA cup journey about to begin this week, I dug out some old footage of one from the past.  I found our ‘Match of the Day’ debut from 1999 when the BBC cameras got us all excited by turning up to feature our first round tie with Halifax Town.
Watch out for a shocking miss from Mike Newell..   Read More….

doncaster-rovers-v-blackpool-2Blackpool 4 -2 Doncaster Rovers – Tactical analysis.  Never mind Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher et al on Monday night football.  Here is a proper breakdown of what went wrong (four times!) in Doncaster Rovers defending during Saturdays defeat at Blackpool.  Even got pictures and all that technical stuff like on the telly.. Read More

Tom Keetley Doncaster roversGreatest Ever Goalscorer . One of twelve brothers, four of which played for the club during the 1920’s, Tom Keetley joined the Rovers from Bradford Park Avenue in 1923. He went on to become one of the most significant names in the history of Doncaster Rovers. He spent six seasons at Belle Vue and scored more than 20 goals every term, and in the process installed himself as Rovers all-  Read more on Tom Keetley Here

harry 50A Man’s game? One morning in early October last year I found myself on the familiar journey to the Keepmoat, though with the Rovers away, my visit was to watch an under 11 team to which my daughter belongs. It was a crisp Saturday morning, as usual we were running late and found the parking spaces near to the sports pitches typically full, forcing us to head further round the stadium for a space in which… Read more A man’s game

imageThen or Now, Doncaster Rovers 1997-98 The Easter period saw us rack up the worst run of form in the Rovers history. It got me thinking, I know the last few months has been terrible, but I’m sure I have seen worse? I sat through every home game of the 1997-98 season during which we were rightly crowned as the worst team in English footballs modern era. Read more – Then or now Doncaster Rovers 1997-98?

tactics doncaster rovers

Tactics Page – Richie Wellens has been let down Richie Wellens legs have gone.  There, I’ve said it.  We were all thinking it.  He is now well into his 30’s and he is no longer the mobile midfielder who dominated games alongside Brian Stock and Paul Green in those halcyon days gone by and, worse still, he no longer effects game as he once did.  Read more on Tactics Page – Richie Wellens has been let down

simeone End of the road for Dickov? I wrote this piece last season for PopularSTAND fanzine.  Four months on i believe its words are as relevant now as then.  Following a pre season of ‘no distractions’ off the field (the excuse put forward for the last 2 season of mediocrity) we find ourselves having taken two steps back and with a centre back playing at right back, a left back who isn’t good enough to play left back installed as a.. Read more on Paul Dickov…

crewe v doncaster rovers
Doncaster Rovers Video : I stumbled across this the other day.  Dodgy VHS footage of the Rumbelows Cup 1st Round, 1st Leg between Crewe Alexandra and Doncaster Rovers from 20th August 1991.  See More on Doncaster Rovers video


uche ikpeazuUche Ikpeazu.  At 6ft 3 Uche Ikpeazu is big, strong and reasonably mobile.  He holds the ball up well and is a handful for centre backs because of his physical attributes (he has already scored against Rovers this year).    Went.. Read more on Uche Ikpeazu…


drfc documentaryDoncaster Rovers Documentary.  The fascinating, painful and cringeworthy glimpse into the world of Doncaster Rovers during the 1997-98 season.  This period has been well documented and led to the clubs fall into the Conference and almost into extinction. Read more Doncaster Rovers Documentary…


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